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Standoff With Police Ends Peacefully

7, 2011

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office says a standoff with a man held up inside a home with a loaded assault rifle ended without injuries yesterday.

In Multi-State Sting, New York Exposes Gun Show Loophole At Westland Mall

7, 2009

In a video posted on the New York City government’s website, a gun seller in Columbus did not seem to care when an undercover investigator suggests he would not pass a background check.

Columbus Area Law Enforecment Battle High Powered Weaponry

AK-47 assault rifle
February 22, 2007

There’s something of an arms race happening on the streets of Columbus. The police say they’re encountering more and more assault style weapons in the hands of law-breakers, tilting the balance of power in the criminals’ favor. The police say they’re implementing ways to meet the challenge.