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What Is Your “Favorite” 2012 Presidential Candidate Quote?

Posted: February 28, 2012

Republican presidential candidates have uttered a series of memorable quotes this primary season. Which one is most memorable?

Red Ink, Coaching Change Have Impact On Blue Jackets

4, 2010

The Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team says it continues to lose money even as a private negotiator works to secure a long-term Columbus future for the team. On the ice, the Blue Jackets will face Dallas Thursday night with a new head coach.

Jackets Sign Nash To Eight-Year Contract Extension

July 10, 2009

The Blue Jackets have signed twenty-five year-old Rick Nash to an 8-year contract extension – reportedly worth more than 62 million. But the contract extension comes at a time when the Jackets are struggling with tens of millions of dollars in losses.

NotePods: A Downloadable Alternative to Cliffs Notes?

27, 2007

There’s a new rival to Cliffs Notes – the study guides sometimes read by students who’d rather not read the original piece of literature – no matter how famous. Now a company is offering NotePods – downloadable summaries of some of the great classics. They are not books on tape in their entirety – merely summaries of the plot and the main characters. While the company touts them as a new innovative study aid, some educators have their doubts.

Coleman: Columbus Declares War on Abdanoned Houses

23, 2006

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman will deliver his seventh State of the City address this evening. In it, the mayor will propose spending $25 million over the next six years to rehabilitate or remove about 1,000 abandoned houses around the city. Such housing, he says, drags neighborhoods down and serves as a catalyst for crime.