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Should Web Shoppers Pay Sales Tax

Posted: October 18, 2011

Congress is considering a bill that would require all web-based retailers collect sales taxes on purchases. What do you think? Should web shoppers pay sales taxes?

Ohio Retailers Optimistic About Commerce Report

gas station
Gas stations were among the best performing businesses in July.
12, 2011

The monthly data show a half-percent jump in sales last month, the best performance since March.

Columbus Gets Mixed Results in JC Penney Restructuring

24, 2011

Columbus looks to both suffer and gain from new plans announced this morning by retail giant JC Penney. As WOSU’s Steve Brown reports, the corporate shift means less employees in stores but more in a Columbus call center.

Ohio-Based Retailers Post Positive Sales For June.

9, 2010

Ohio based retailers fared better in June. But the latest figures from the malls, websites and boxstores show more mixed results.

Columbus Officials Try To Entice Retailers Downtown

18, 2009

The City of Columbus is offering incentives to convince business owners to locate downtown and to fix up the storefronts. WOSU reports the grants and tax abatements aim to fill vacant stores. But some store owners are not convinced the incentives will work.

Halloween Predicts Lower Holiday Sales Through 2009

Display window at Yankee Trader, Columbus.
October 11, 2009

Some retailers use sales of Halloween merchandise as a predictor of sales for the critical holiday shopping season.

What happened to Thanksgiving?

19, 2007

It’s three days until Thanksgiving. But most major retailers started putting out Christmas merchandise along side candy corn and scary costumes. WOSU takes a look at why retailers feel the need to start the Christmas season so soon.

Physicians’ Organizations Concerned about Increasing Number of Retail Health Clinics

27, 2007

The number of retail health clinics has ballooned to 300 in just seven years. And organized medicine wonders whether the spread of these clinics will threaten – or change – family practice medicine.

Buckeye gear proves to be a holiday retail booster

19, 2006

Some retailers have been struggling these past few weeks inticing consumers to shop more. As sales begin to stagger, ohio state univeristy gear is flying off the shelves. the football team’s perfect season has led to a higher than usual demand for a buckeye gift.

Two Views of Holiday Shopping

24, 2006

The holiday shopping season opened before dawn on the day after Thanksgiving.