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Scientists And Engineers Face Tougher Job Market.

21, 2008

In recent years Ohio and other states have allocated more money for science and math curricula in elementary and secondary schools. At the college level, Ohio State University competes aggressively for research grants. While some politicians and authors say the emphasis is warranted because of a looming shortage of highly-trained engineers and scientists, the Chronicle of Higher Education recently published articles that warn of a possible glut of scientists in United States.

OSU Researcher: Scientific Discovery Threatened by Lack of Funding

14, 2008

An Ohio State researcher testified before Congress this week about the need for additional funding for the National Institutes of Health.

NASA’s “Future Forum” Highlights Ohio’s Contributions

February 21, 2008

NASA celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The space agency is visiting seven U.S. cities to commemorate its past and to promote its role in the future.

Returning to the moon by 2020 is one of the agency’s goals.

At an event hosted Thursday at COSI [co-sigh] in Columbus, the agency’s deputy administrator says NASA has some very ambitious plans.

New Research Center Targets Infectious Disease

20, 2007

The case of a traveler with XDR tuberculosis recently served as a reminder of the urgent need for better diagnosis, management and treatment for infectious disease.

OSU Undergrads Compete in Denman Research Forum

May 16, 2007

Hundreds of Ohio State University undergraduates took part in the 12th annual Denman Research Forum which concluded Wednesday. Students from across the university showed the fruits of their endeavors and competed for cash prizes. Their projects are related to the arts, agriculture, chemistry, biology and other fields.

OSU Invests $100 Million in High-Impact Areas

9, 2006

Last month, Ohio State University announced a plan that would invest $100 million in programs with the greatest potential for impact in their fields. The goal is to help increase OSU’s visibility as a research institution. The initiative tries to attack some of the world’s most pressing problems and questions, from climate change to the fundamental nature of the universe.

Route 315 Next Silcon Valley?

Columbus City Council President Matt Habash Unveils Research and Technology Corridor Monday
May 15, 2006

Columbus city, business and academic leaders hope to turn part of the city into a major center for research and technology. The leaders propose to create the Route 315 Research and Technology Corridor.

OSU Faces Possible Loss of Animal Research Funding

26, 2006

Ohio State University is revising its animal research programs. Changes were made after the university was notified that it risks losing accreditation from a nationally-recognized animal care group.

Group calls on OSU to end rat research course

23, 2005

A national physicians group demands Ohio State drop a spinal chord research course or face a boycott by alumni.

In Columbus speech, Kerry promotes science

21, 2004

John Kerry says President Bush has “turned his back” on science and innovation that could mean better lives and jobs for millions of Americans.