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Senate Democrat Backs New Medicaid Expansion Plan

Cafaro’s bill takes many elements of the bipartisan reform bill that has yet to be heard in committee – but she says those elements will save the state money through cost efficiency and legislative oversight.
July 31, 2013

A Democratic state senator says politics are holding up Medicaid expansion and reform, so she’s proposing a bill that she says will force the issue. But Republicans leaders still appear hesitant to expand the program.

Ohio Senate OKs $61.7B Budget, Sends To More Talks

Republicans in the state Senate today passed a two-year state spending plan that wipes out Governor Kasich's income tax cuts in favor of tax breaks for small businesses.
6, 2013

A state budget that revamps Gov. John Kasich’s school funding proposal and restores small-business tax relief has cleared the Ohio Senate.

GOP-Led House Drops Medicaid Plan From Ohio Budget

A Republican-controlled House committee plans to unveil its changes to Gov. John Kasich's budget on Tuesday.
April 9, 2013

Gov. John Kasich’s plan to expand Medicaid under the federal health law won’t be included in the Ohio House version of the state’s two-year budget.

‘Freshman’ Lawmakers Find Place In State Legislature

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January 8, 2013

Of the 132 state lawmakers sworn for the new General Assembly, 18 are there for the first time.

Democrats, Republicans At Odds Over Lame Duck Session

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9, 2012

There’s increasing partisan bickering about whether state lawmakers should address elections reform in the upcoming lame duck session.

Obama Coming To Central Ohio; Romney Hosting Rally In Cincinnati

President Obama and Mitt Romney will be back in Ohio on the Friday before the election trying to sway voters in the key battleground state.
October 31, 2012

President Barack Obama is resuming his storm-delayed chase to win Ohio with help from former President Bill Clinton, while Republicans are putting together a huge rally for Friday evening.

GOP Refuses To Pull “Sympathizes With Rapists” Ad

The ad was commissioned by the Ohio Republican Party in support of incumbent Supreme Court Justice Robert Cupp. He says he was unaware of the ad until he was contacted by news media.
October 26, 2012

The Ohio Bar Association says a state Supreme Court justice must demand the state GOP pull a controversial ad from the airwaves. But Republicans say the ad will stay on the air.

Ohio Libertarians Criticize Republicans, Hearing Ordered By Husted

The Libertarian Party of Ohio is denouncing a hearing ordered by Secretary of State Jon Husted after what Libertarians call a frivolous complaints by Republicans.
September 6, 2012

The Libertarian Party of Ohio is denouncing a hearing ordered by Secretary of State Jon Husted after what Libertarians call a frivolous complaints by Republicans.

GOP Names Replacement For LaTourette On Ballot

David Joyce was introduced as the GOP candidate for Ohio's 14th Congressional District, which sits along Lake Erie in northeast Ohio and is seen as reliably republican.
13, 2012

Geauga County Prosecutor David Joyce will replace LaTourette, who’s retiring because of the increasingly-partisan climate in Washington.

Republicans: Commission Would Be “Taxation Without Representation”

Advocates for redistricting reform say the state's latest congressional maps shows the system is broken.
13, 2012

A coalition of voter groups awaits word from the Ohio Secretary of State’s office on whether a proposal to revamp Ohio redistricting will go on the fall ballot. Republicans call the plan dangerous.