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Justices Say Landlords Are Responsible For Guests’ Safety

Previously, the 9th District Court of Appeals in Akron found that a landlord's responsibilities didn't extend to guests.
12, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court has found that landlords must provide a safe environment to guests of their tenants. That conflicts with an earlier appeals court ruling.

Real Estate Experts Differ On Rental Permanency

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Demand for apartments in Columbus has increased since the housing collapse. Some industry experts think more people will choose to be renters than homeowners in the future.
22, 2012

More and more people are choosing to rent these days instead of taking the plunge and buying a house. And at least some of that can be attributed to the deflated housing bubble and the ensuing credit crunch. WOSU reports experts disagree on whether the increase in renting is permanent.

To Rent Or Not To Rent; Rising Interest Rates Boosts Need For Apartment Rentals

24, 2006

Three years ago interest rates were at an all time low, and many people were taking advantage of it: buying a home instead of renting. But the buyer’s boom appears to be coming to an end as interest rates continue to rise. And that’s causing the Columbus rental market to be the tightest it’s been in years.

Poor Tenants in East Columbus Forced to Relocate

19, 2006

More than 400 tenants at Woodland Meadows apartments face an uncertain future. Managers of the east side housing complex lost their federal subsidy and are preparing to close the apartments. Adding to the tenants’ problems – news just this week that their natural gas service will likely be disconnected at the end of the month because the complex did not pay the bill.