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Ohio Inmate Walks Away From Work Site Along I-70

spencer johnson
Ohio inmate Spencer Johnson, 28, walked away from a work detail in Madison County Monday afternoon. He was last seen near mile marker 81 along state route 70.
5, 2013

State authorities are searching for an Ohio inmate on the lam this afternoon. As WOSU reports, the prisoner walked away from work detail.

Ohio Prison Wardens and Workers Keep Close Watch On Growing Number of Prisoners.

26, 2007

Ohio’s prison population recently topped 50,000 inmates, or more than 30 percent over capacity. The crowded prisons has subtly changed how wardens, corrections officers, and other prison workers do their jobs. At the Pickaway Correctional Institution, near Orient, more than 2,300 inmates are serving time.

Churches Prepare to Mentor Ohio Inmates

27, 2006

Hundreds of law-abiding Ohioans say they’re ready to go to prison next month. It’s part of a week-long campaign with churches and volunteers vowing to mentor inmates, so they’re less likely to return to a life of crime, after they’re freed.