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Ohio’s Voter Registration Deadline Nears

Ohio voter registration deadlines are coming within days.
October 2, 2014

The voter registration deadline for this fall’s election is nearing. Ohioans should double check now to make sure they are registered to vote.

Most Duplicates Removed From Ohio’s Voter Rolls

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says Ohio only has four duplicate registrations, down from more than 340,000 in January 2011. Ohio has more than 7.7 million voters.
29, 2013

Ohio’s top elections official says he’s worked with county boards to clear nearly all the duplicate voter registrations from the state’s voter database.

Ohio Reduces Fee For Late Vehicle Registrations

Cars on Ohio Freeway
Ohio is easing the penalties for failing to register vehicles with the state on time.
29, 2013

Ohio is easing the penalties for failing to register vehicles with the state on time.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles says the fee for a late renewal is being cut from $20 to $10 starting Monday. The grace period for the fee also will be extended from seven days to 30 days.

Franklin County Rejects Voter-Roll Challenges

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September 25, 2012

Elections officials in the Columbus area have dismissed a slate of voter-registration challenges lodged by an activist group.

Franklin County BOE Expects Higher Turnout In November

4, 2010

If you want to vote in the upcoming elections, you’ll need to get registered by Monday night. WOSU reports more people are expected to go to the polls this year.

Ohio Governor and State GOP Spar Over Voter Registration Lawsuits

20, 2008

Governor Strickland is accusing Ohio Republicans of trying to scare newly registered voters by filing lawsuits on whether they’re eligible. The GOP disagrees.

High Court Rejects GOP Bid in Ohio Voting Dispute

17, 2008

Ohio’s elections chief has the U.S. Supreme Court on her side in a battle over voter registrations.

Latest Voter Registration Lawsuit Targets ACORN

14, 2008

Yet another lawsuit has been filed over voter registrations that might be fraudulant.

3 Columbus Radio Stations Hold Voter Registration Drive

30, 2008

Three Columbus radio stations are among 52 across the country taking part in a one-day voter registration drive. The three stations are trying to help register 50,000 people.

Teen sex offender registration bill

9, 2007

The Ohio legislature is considering a bill that would bring the state into compliance with the new federal Adam Walsh law. But advocates for Ohio’s youngest criminals warn lawmakers to be careful not to label some kids as sex offenders for life.