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Columbus School Leaders Stress: “Levy Is The Reform”

21, 2013

After nine months of soul searching and numerous public hearings – supporter of the school tax increase say the “Levy is the Reform.”

Ohio Elections Chief Urges Bipartisan Talks On Law

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted wants state lawmakers to delay any election reforms.
8, 2012

But Secretary of State Jon Husted says legislative leaders shouldn’t act on any changes to the swing state’s election rules until next year.

Local Experts Comment On Health Care Court Ruling

14, 2010

The White House says it disagrees with a Virginia judge’s ruling declaring a key provision of President Barack Obama’s health care law unconstitutional. But Ohio’s incoming attorney general says he thinks the ruling is the correct one.

AG Clears Way for Ballot Issue Challenging Ohio’s Participation in Health Insurance Reform

2, 2010

Ohio’s attorney general has approved language summarizing a proposed ballot measure to exempt the state from President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

Health Care Opponents in Ohio Push Plans to Kill It

24, 2010

Ohio critics of the new federal health care law are pushing several legal strategies to try to kill it.

How Will Central Ohio’s Community Health Clinics Fare Under New Legislation?

A community health clinic on the Columbus West Side
22, 2010

The new health care law stands to benefit as many as 150,000 Franklin County residents who do not have health insurance. Some of them go to community health clinics for care. The head of a group of Columbus clinics says he expects the number of people visiting the community clinics will increase as access to health insurance becomes more widely available

Several Ohio House Democrats Won’t Say How They’ll Vote On Health Care Reform

16, 2010

A House committee has voted for fast-track rules for health care legislation, the first step toward a decisive floor vote on President Barack Obama’s sweeping overhaul. The move will get the historic health care overhaul bill before the House of Representatives by the end of the week.

Central Ohio Congressional Members React to House Health Care Vote

12, 2009

Central Ohio members of congress are back in their districts explaining their recent votes on the health care reform package. WOSU spoke with a couple of house members to see what’s next.

GOP Rep. Pat Tiberi: Bipartisan Agreement Exists on 80% of Health Care Reform

10, 2009

Central Ohio Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi sees more areas of agreement than disagreement between the GOP and Democrats over health care reform proposals.

Health and Human Services Secretary Optimistic For Bipartisan Healthcare Reform Bill

21, 2009

U.S. Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy and a member of President Obama’s cabinet visited Columbus today. The pair stopped by Ohio State’s medical center to view a state-of-the-art records-keeping program. But they also promoted the healthcare overhaul.