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Ohio Senate Aides’ Time Records Under Review

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Authorities are investing whether two aides to the President of the Ohio Senate changed their records after spending time away from their jobs to act as political consultants.
18, 2014

Authorities are investigating a directive by the Ohio Senate president that allowed two top aides to create dozens of time records requesting time away from state work, mostly for political consulting.

Ohio Man On Leave After Records Found In Trash

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Personal information compromised at Ohio agency.
24, 2011

A longtime counselor at a job agency for Ohioans with disabilities has been placed on paid leave after documents with personal client information were found in an outdoor trash bin. The items from the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission were found outside an agency office in Portsmouth. The state’s top watchdog has said his office is [...]

More Ohio Doctors Use Electronic Records,

6, 2011

A physician’s advocacy group estimates about 25% of Ohio doctors have converted their medical records from paper to electronic. But, some early adopters of e-records tell a cautionary tale.

Conversion to Electronic Records Huge Task for Hospitals

31, 2010

In the debate over healthcare reform, electronic medical records have been touted as as a key way to control costs. But converting millions of records and installing new computer systems is very expensive. All three of Central Ohio’s major hospital systems are in the middle of the process.

Ohio Senate agrees to proposal to not wipe out child sex offenders’ records

28, 2007

State senators have okayed a proposal that could stop Ohio criminals who have sexually attacked children from having their criminal records expunged. Click on the icon to hear the story.

State Senators Unhappy with Supreme Court Ruling

26, 2006

Two state senators from different political parties are working together on a bill to strip Governor Bob Taft of the right to conceal certain policy documents from the public.

Court gives governor limited ability to keep records private

13, 2006

The state Supreme Court has ruled that the governor may keep secret some records he uses for decision-making.

Electronic Medical Records: Part of Health Care’s Future

18, 2006

Electronic medical records are the trend in medicine, driven by President Bush’s announcement that most Americans should have an electronic medical record within ten years.

Electronic Medical Records: Impact on Doctor-Patient Talks

18, 2006

Patients and doctors alike are concerned that electronic medical records might interview with their exam room conversations.