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Columbus Realtors Tout Home Sales Increase

25, 2010

The end of 2009 was better than the end of 2008 for the Columbus real estate market. WOSU reports tax credits continue to fuel buying and selling.

Columbus Housing Market Sluggish

21, 2008

The central Ohio housing market continues to struggle. The Columbus Board of Realtors says home sales were down nearly 12 percent last month – compared to a year ago. Realtors are pointing to one stat that might give home sellers some hope.

Loft Condo Auction: A Sign of the Times?

October 26, 2007

At least eight downtown loft condominiums in the Carlyles Watch development will be sold this Sunday at auction. The unusual sale could be the result of a bottomed-out real estate market, faltering downtown redevelopment or a glut of condos perceived as overpriced.

Ohio Takes Inventory of State-Owned Real Estate

16, 2007

All across Ohio, there may be state-owned properties which are not put to any use and may even be unsightly eyesores.

Real Estate Revaluations May Influence Tax Levy Outcomes

31, 2005

Several school tax levies will appear on Franklin County ballots in November. Supporters say additional money is needed for things like curricula, buildings and operating expenses. But recent real estate revaluations may cause voters to think twice about approving more taxes.