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ODA’s New Milking Labeling Balances Public’s Right To Know with Free Speech

Union Co. dairyman Rob Bouic says that rBST free milk demanded by large supermarket chains has hurt his milk production business.
February 11, 2008

After months of study by the state and after input from various stakeholders, the Ohio agriculture department has developed new rules governing the labeling of dairy products. The state agriculture director says the new regulations balance the right of free speech with the public’s right to know.

Ohio Considers Controversial Milk Labeling

Cows munch on feed as they're milked on the Zimmerman farm east of Richwood, OH.
January 22, 2008

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is expected to release new rules on milk labeling as early as this week. At issue is whether producers will have the right to label their milk as synthetic growth hormone-free.