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Bill To Allow Student Expulsions Without Convictions Clears House

Current law allows for the expulsion of students who have committed crimes against other students or school staffers. This bill gives a superintendent the authority to expel a student who hasn’t committed a crime, but is thought to be a threat.
20, 2014

Lawmakers in the Ohio House have approved a new way for superintendents to deal with students they fear are a threat to others, to school staff or to the district.

The Record Of Women On Death Row In Ohio

30, 2010

Ohio is set to execute a 9th convicted man in November. That would be the most in the state since executions resumed in 1999. In all, 40 men have been given lethal injections during the past 11 years. But, Ohio has not executed a woman since 1954.

Bill to totally ban paddling in Ohio schools

4, 2007

Most Ohio school districts do not allow paddling to discipline students, but a few districts continue to permit the practice. Some state legislators are pushing for a new law that would ban corporal punishment in all districts.