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State Ruling: Some AEP Customers Will Pay More For Energy

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August 8, 2012

Some American Electric Power customers can expect to see single digit rate increases in their power bills. That’s as a result of a ruling today by the state Public Utilities Commission.

Electric Rate Case Spurs Rare Ad Campaigns

Ad war
Competing video ads have targeted consumers as the Public Utilities Commission considers American Electric Power's rate case.
30, 2012

Electric companies these days seem to be taking a page out of political campaign handbooks. They are running negative television commercials, buying large newspaper ads and sending direct mail.

State Regulators Spare Customers, Revert To Old AEP Rates

PUCO says it will look at AEP rate increase after hundreds of complaints. Their ruling is expected to released Thursday.
February 22, 2012

Recent changes had more than doubled the electric bills for some small businesses.

PUCO Restores All Electric Discount

3, 2010

There’s good news for thousands of owners of all-electric homes across Northern Ohio.

State Lawmaker Pushes For Energy Efficiency Group

10, 2010

Last year, some customers of First Energy were outraged when they were sent 2 energy-saving light bulbs by the utility and then learned they’d be billed a total of more than 21 dollars for them. Now, a consumer advocacy agency and a state lawmaker are teaming up to propose a system they say could help utilities avoid that kind of public relations nightmare and still help promote energy efficiency.

New PUCO Members Likely Old Ones Reappointed

9, 2007

Three current members of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and a fourth who was about to take seat on the commission resigned after questions about the process by which they were picked.