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COTA Begins Free Downtown Circulating Route

The service beginning Monday will take passengers from downtown to the city's Brewery District south of downtown and back up to the Arena District, home to many offices and restaurants as well as Nationwide Arena.
5, 2014

The free route beginning Monday will take riders from downtown to the Brewery District, then back up to the Arena District.

Cincinnati Halts Spending On Streetcar Project

Cincinnati City Council has halted spending on the city's controversial streetcar project.
5, 2013

Cincinnati’s city council has voted to immediately halt spending on a $133 million streetcar that has been under construction for months. The sharply divided council voted 5-4 Wednesday to stop spending pending a financial analysis of whether it would be more expensive to stop the project in its tracks or finish it.

What Columbus Needs – A Little Less Bickering

Downtown Columbus
16, 2011

Each year, Columbus Monthly Magazine asks movers and shakers what the city needs to succeed. WOSU Commentator Andrew Miller has a few of his own ideas.