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Ohio Lottery Has Record Sales, $803M For Schools

Ohio public schools will receive about $30 million more this year from lottery profits.
4, 2013

Ohio public schools to get $803 M from lottery sales.

Left-Leaning Think Tank: Proposed Budget Hurts Public Schools

The report from Innovation Ohio says if the current version of the budget passes, most of the state's public school districts would see funding fall below 2010-2011 levels, and a quarter of all public schools would see funding below current levels.
25, 2013

A left leaning think tank says the proposed two year state budget would help private and charter schools, but would hurt public schools.

Voucher Bill Being Scaled Back

Rep. Representative Matt Huffman's new legislation will reportedly include lower income requirements for students and a cap for the amount of tax revenue public districts could lose.
December 9, 2011

The decision comes after Rep. Matt Huffman took criticism from public school districts and their allies.