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Postal Workers Protest Local Outsourcing, Branch Closures

28, 2009

Postal workers picketed the outside the main post office on Twin Rivers Drive today to protest proposed outsourcing and location closures. But Postal Service officials say that because of huge budget shortfalls, they don’t have much of a choice.

Nurses Protest to Gain More Help

17, 2008

Ohio hospitals would be required to hire more nurses, under a plan proposed by one nurse’s union.

Prison Workers Picket over Job Cuts

30, 2008

About 20 prisons workers Friday picketed the Corrections medical Center south of Columbus.

Columbus businessman refuses to pay taxes

21, 2007

Most people pay their taxes whether they want to or not. But one Columbus businessman has decided to stop paying. He said he’s fed up with crime in his neighborhood and will not pay the city until something is done about it.

Local Somalis continue protest one year after shooting death

December 28, 2006

Members of Columbus’ Somali community today are commemorating the one-year anniversary of a controversial shooting. 23-year-old Nasir Abdi was shot and killed by a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy last year while officers where trying to take him for treatment. Deputies say he was armed. But some witnesses say they did not see a weapon and the shooting was unnecessary.

Issue 3 Protest

6, 2006

Families who work in the horse-racing industry protested outside the Dayton Daily News on Sunday.

Native Americans Protest Santa Maria Replica

13, 2005

Busloads of school children went aboard the city of Columbus’ Santa Maria replica to mark the official observance of Columbus Day. Built in 1991, the Santa Maria is an authentic recreation of Christopher Columbus’s flagship. But ever since its arrival in central Ohio 13 years ago, the ship has been the object of protest by Native Americans.