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Median Income For Columbus Households By Neighborhood

income map
Median income map for the Columbus area.
19, 2013

Every neighborhood has its stereotypes, and a lot of them are based on income. Everyone wants to know what their neighbors are making. Well, using census data, WNYC has mapped out median income by area for the entire United States.

Controversy Surrounds Pending Execution Of Kevin Keith

11, 2010

The Ohio Parole Board is now considering the fate of a death row inmate who many people think might be innocent. Much attention has been given to Kevin Keith, a man whose case has been taken up by the Innocence Project, a group that’s been responsible for reversing convictions of some death row inmates in the past.

2006 Ohio Elections Could Have Pitfalls: OSU Analyst

18, 2006

Ohio’s swing-state status in the 2004 presidential race brought intense scrutiny to the state’s voting process. Since then, the legislature has been trying to fix what some believe are problems with the system. But some critics say the tinkering may only create more chaos