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What Was Your First Apple Product?

Posted: October 7, 2011

The death of Apple Chairman and Co-Founder Steve Jobs has many recalling how many apple computers and devices they have owned over the years. Tell us your story. What was your first Apple product?

Local Guy Produces And Distributes Naturally Caffeinated Bottled Water

6, 2009

WOSU’s Kim Fox spoke with Brian Pitzer, president and CEO of Dublin-based Vitality Distributing. Pitzer produces and distributes Avitae, naturally caffeinated bottled water.

AEP Ohio Offers Green Energy Option

October 30, 2007

American Electric Power’s Ohio division wants customers to sign up for its optional Green Power Pricing program. By paying extra, consumers support the production of electricity from renewable, environmentally -friendly sources such as wind, methane and solar energy.