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Few Federal Rules for Private Planes and Passengers

16, 2010

A California woman remains in federal custody after prosecutors say she tried to smuggle marijuana in a dozen suitcases on board a private plane. Investigators suspect she had done the same thing several times. The case raises questions about luggage screening on private aircraft. WOSU reports there are very few federal security mandates surrounding private aviation.

Judge Puts ‘Private Club Smoking’ On Hold

30, 2007

A Franklin County judge has delayed a rule that exempted some private clubs from the state’s smoking ban. Judge David Cain issued a temporary restraining order Monday at the request of the Ohio Licensed Beverage Association, a bar owners’ trade group.

Smoking ban upsets private clubs

16, 2007

The Ohio Department of Health is in its final stages of compiling a set of rules for the new statewide smoking ban. An advisory committee met Tuesday to discuss a draft of the rules which has some private clubs up in arms.

Ohio Sends Dollars with Students to Private Schools, Forgoes Review of Financial Needs

17, 2006

52 million state dollars went to Ohio students attending in-state private colleges last year. The Ohio Board of Regents distributed the college aid in nine-hundred-dollar chunks by way of the Ohio Student Choice Grant. The Board requires that every grant recipient be an Ohio resident attending one of the state’s 63 private colleges but does not require review of a family’s income.