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Maggots Found In Food At Prisons In Marysville, Trumbull County

Aramark Correctional Services is a private company with the contract to feed Ohio prison inmates.
8, 2014

The private company charged with feeding Ohio prison inmates says maggots were found in food and serving equipment at two Ohio prisons.

Does Ohio Have Enough Oversight Of Booster Clubs?

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says the state has increased oversight of booster clubs, including making a club file a report with the attorney general's office if the club has more than $25,000 in assets
May 27, 2014

Two Mansfield boosters are headed to prison after pleading guilty to stealing tens of thousands of dollars. With that case in mind, WOSU’s sports podcast After the Score asked Ohio Attorney General MIke DeWine if the state has enough oversight of booster clubs.

Ohio Settles With D.O.J. Over Isolating Youth Inmates

Ohio's four youth prisons now house more than 400 boys and girls.
21, 2014

The state of Ohio has settled with the federal government in a dispute over the use of solitary confinement as discipline for juvenile inmates with mental health disorders.

Kasich Sides With Parole Board, Commutes Death Sentence

Kasich reduced Tyler's sentence to life without the possibility of parole, rejecting requests that Tyler be made eligible for parole for possible release.
1, 2014

Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich has granted clemency to a condemned inmate scheduled to die this month after being convicted of killing a Cleveland produce vendor.

Ohio Prisons Cracking Down On Smuggled Cellphones

The Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Corrections is cracking down on cellphones smuggled into its prison.
25, 2014

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections says it is cracking down on cellphones smuggled into the state’s prisons. New electronic equipment is able to track down the phones.

Ohio Prisons Cashing In On Inmate Phone Calls

Prisoners in Ohio are charged a lot to make local phone calls out of prison.
17, 2014

Inmates and their families pay a lot of hidden costs for basic items and services. The state and private vendors are making a lot of money as they provide these services. One private company collected $21 million last year on prison calls in Ohio.

Fewer People Returning To Ohio Prisons

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction says the new inmate return rate of 27.1 percent is far below the national rate of 40-44 percent.
5, 2014

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction says the new inmate return rate of 27.1 percent is far below the national rate of 40-44 percent.

Slow Execution With Two-Drug Cocktail Not A Concern

53-year-old Dennis McGuire was executed in January with a two-drug cocktail.
February 5, 2014

An Ohio prison official says the new execution process in the state first used in January worked “very well.”

Trend Shows Fewer Ohioans In Large Counties Sent To Prison

Outside of Courthouse
Fewer Ohioans face prison sentences in the state's largest counties.
October 24, 2013

Ohio’s largest counties are sending fewer people to prison than a decade ago.

Ohio Prison Suicides Not Limited To Mentally Ill

prison bars
Investigation finds prison suicides not limited to mentally ill inmates.
23, 2013

A new report finds that suicides by Ohio inmates are not limited to those on prison mental health units.