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Sky-high Gas Prices Prompt Protest

June 13, 2008

he AFL-CIO is using sky-high gasoline prices to bash Republican presidential candidate John McCain. In fact, the labor federation’s affiliate called Working America is staging 12 protests across Ohio

Newspaper carriers feel the pain at the pump, too

David Rodriguez gets his papers ready for his daily deliveries. Sunday was his last day as a paper carrier. Gas prices are partly to blame.
June 2, 2008

No one is immune to the rising cost of fuel. Truck drivers are hit hard, long commuters feel the pinch at the pump, and so do newspaper carriers. At least one Columbus Dispatch delivery person decided to call it quits after gas prices kept eating away at his profits.

High gas prices might keep Ohioans home this summer

13, 2008

As vacation season approaches, many travelers may be factoring high gas prices into their plans. That could be good news for Ohio’s 38 billion dollar tourism industry. Ohio hotel operators and state officials expect the gas prices to keep some Ohioans closer to home this summer.

Tired of Paying High Gas Prices? Try Something Else

8, 2008

A quick check of gasoline pump prices this morning shows little relief for commuters. But, WOSU Commentator Andrew Miller pays scant attention to the price of gas. He finds alternate ways to get to and from work.

Record Gas Prices Bring Out Drivers’ Concern for Less Fortunate

29, 2008

The week began with new record-high gasoline prices.

Ohioans Jolted by Another Big Jump in Gas Prices

23, 2008

Ohio gasoline prices have spurted to a new record high.

High Gasoline Prices Here to Stay?

14, 2008

With the upsurge in prices for gasoline and food, central Ohio consumers are looking for ways to make each dollar go farther.

Ohio Truckers Squeezed By High Fuel Prices

18, 2008

Crude oil prices dropped sharply Monday but, prices for diesel fuel rose above $4.00 per gallon, making diesel fuel substantially higher than the prices for regular gasoline.

Food Banks Extra Busy During Holidays

19, 2007

A tough job market, high gas prices and the rising price of groceries have brought more and more people to Ohio’s food banks and pantries, especially in the days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Ohio is Home to Lowest Gasoline Prices in U.S.

30, 2007

There’s some good news for Ohio motorists – at least for the moment, they’re now paying the lowest gasoline prices in the country.