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Ohio Left Out of Federal Program to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

5, 2010

Ohio has been left OUT of a recent round of federal grants to help prevent home foreclosures.

State Could End Smoker Help Line

1, 2008

The state senate debated the future of the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation Thursday afternoon. Earlier this week, the House voted to defund the Foundation and assign the state’s anti-smoking efforts to the health department. Governor Strickland and some lawmakers want to use money from the landmark tobacco settlement to fund a jobs bill. The move could bring to an end the foundation’s 1-800-QUIT-NOW help line.

Hottinger Proposal Would End Tobacco Prevention Foundation

29, 2008

Just a few weeks after an Ohio anti-smoking agency tried to prevent state legislators from siphoning away some of its money, lawmakers are moving to wipe out the agency altogether.

New Ideas on Dealing With Sex Offenders

9, 2008

Every few months, there’s a new proposal in the Ohio legislature to crack down on sex offenders who’ve already served their prison time. One idea is to require them to use special green license plates on their cars. Another idea is to force them to live in treatment centers. The latest idea is to make it a crime for them to be in schools.

Foreclosure Prevention Task Force Files Final Report

10, 2007

Over the next two years, an estimated 200-thousand Ohio homeowners could see their adjustable mortgage rates soar, making it hard for them to keep up their monthly payments.

Ohio Program to Help Those Facing Foreclosure

9, 2007

Ohio leads the nation in the number of home foreclosures. State officials say they are trying to do something to help.

City: Fire Prevention Bureau Missed Very Few Inspections

22, 2006

Columbus city officials today released the findings of a year-long independent investigation of the Fire Prevention Bureau. The city hired labor attorney Pamela Krivda to investigate reports that fire safety inspections were not conducted.