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High Stakes Political Campaigns Work To “Frame” Candidates and Issues

25, 2008

The debate goes on in Congress over the proposed $700,000,000,000 bailout, while the presidential candidates prepare for a high stakes debate on Friday. An Ohio University professor said this is an especially good week to monitor what she called the “framing” of candidates.

Ohio: Epicenter of Presidential Race

28, 2008

It appears increasingly likely that Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain will introduce his vice-presidential pick tomorrow in Ohio.

Ohio Moves into Political Spotlight Friday

27, 2008

Barack Obama, will embark on a bus tour of battleground states Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan later this week after Obamareceives the Democratic presidential nomination. John McCain returns to Ohio for a rally Friday.

Michelle Obama stumps in Columbus

Michelle Obama addresses a crowd at the Ohio State University.
February 15, 2008

The wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama campaigned for him in Columbus Friday. In a speech to more than 300 on the Ohio State University campus, Michelle Obama portrayed her husband as a uniter with a world view.

Presidential Candidates Expected to Turn Attention to Ohio

February 6, 2008

The national political spotlight is expected to shine brightly on delegate-rich Ohio.

As goes Michigan, so goes Ohio?

15, 2008

The political leanings of Michigan voters will be revealed later today as ballots are counted for the state’s Presidential primary. But, the Michigan vote may also present a preview of Ohio’s picks for the Presidency.

Ohioans might decide presidential nominees after all?

11, 2008

Pay attention, Ohioans you may still play a key role in deciding who the major parties nominate for President. That’s the advice from political scientist John Green of the University of Akron. For many months, it looked as if the Democrats and Republicans might be anointing their nominees before Ohio’s March 4th primary election. But Green says things have shifted.

Ohioans Will Likely Have Fewer Candidate Choices In March.

9, 2008

Ohio State University political Scientist Paul Beck says primary election results in New Hampshire will keep some candidates in the race a little longer. But,its still uncertain whether Ohio primary voters will have much choice.

Candidates Enjoy the Season of Receiving

10, 2007

It’s the season of giving – to Presidential candidates. The woman and men running for President are raising hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions. WOSU Commentator Michael Ivey suggests maybe some people being a little too generous.

Critics of 2004 Presidential Election Still Complain

20, 2007

Three years after the presidential election that put President Bush back into the White House for a second term, critics are continuing to claim the election was stolen.