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Clean-Up Continues Tuesday

16, 2008

The number of Ohio households and businesses without electricity is beginning to shrink….but some of those without power may have to wait several more days to see it turned back on. Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen has an update on the aftermath of the weekend wind storm.

Lawmaker wants to give tax breaks to renewable energy firms

19, 2007

One of Ohio’s most powerful legislators has unveiled a plan he says could convince renewable energy companies to locate their factories and their jobs in the Buckeye State.

Voinovich Celebrates Reviving Nuclear Power

September 26, 2007

Ohio Republican Senator George Voinovich is celebrating after his long time goal of reviving nuclear power took a big step forward.

Strickland rolls out energy plan

29, 2007

Protection for consumers and the development of alternative energy sources are at the heart of Governor Ted Strickland’s long-awaited energy plan.

Global Warming Activists Want Change in Ohio’s Electric Utilities

24, 2007

Environmental activists in Ohio say there’s now clear proof that global warming has come to the Buckeye State.

Election Brings Change in State Government Balance of Power

8, 2006

Tuesday’s vote brought Democrats to power in the executive branch, and it gave them some clout in the state legislature.

High Prices For Scrap Metal Causes Headaches For Utility Company

21, 2006

Scrap copper prices today topped $3.50 per pound on the New York Mercantile Exchange. While the higher price can be good news for metal recyclers, its lead to problems for one of Columbus’ largest companies. Now,American Electric Power wants its customers to keep an eye out for metal thieves.

Crews Work to Restore Power in Northland Area

28, 2005

A fire at a northside Columbus electric substation was brought under control after firefighters smothered the flames by dousing them with foam.