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Piketon Clean-Up A Step Closer

16, 2010

For nearly a decade, residents around the southern Ohio town of Piketon have been waiting for radioactive contamination around an old atomic weapons factory to be cleaned up. Now they’re finally seeing a major step forward; a company has been hired to oversee the clean-up.

Portsmouth: A Pocket of Poverty?

10, 2008

The census figures that say three Ohio communities have been hit particularly hard by the slumping economy might be skewed. Both Athens and Oxford have large off-campus populations of students who would report themselves as low-income. But that doesn’t explain Portsmouth’s ranking where poverty according to the report has nearly doubled in the last 9 years.

Portsmouth Man Faces Legal Trouble For Rock Removal.

25, 2008

An Ohio man is facing trial in Kentucky for taking an 8-ton rock out of the Ohio River. That boulder is considered an artifact on both sides of the river, and the situation is rocking officials in both states.

Gov. Strickland Promotes Ohio Agriculture, Industry

Gov. Strickland Tuesday at the Farm Science Review
September 18, 2007

Governor Strickland had agriculture and industry on his mind Tuesday. Strickland spoke at the opening luncheon for the Farm Science Review near London.