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Dems Named In Drilling Memo Call It “Insulting”

Dem. Representative Bob Hagan says he's never seen such a "campaign", while Antonio calls the memo "insulting."
February 19, 2014

The two Democratic state lawmakers listed as adversaries to a state agency’s plan to promote drilling in state parks are speaking out.

Abortion Battle Might Dominate 2014 Ohio Election

The battle over abortion could be at the center of the 2014 Ohio election.
January 23, 2014

The controversy over abortion continues as states adopt measures to restrict it, including Ohio, where several controversial abortion bills were passed and signed into law last year. Now it appears abortion might be on the front burner in this year’s election.

Tea Party Leader: Kasich’s “Cronies” Involved In Blog Report

Tom Zawistowski says "“The people who run (Third Base Politics) are paid by the Republican Party and Kasich Administration or one of their crony capitalist flunkies to work full-time to destroy anyone that says anything about the governor.
14, 2014

A top Tea Party leader has some harsh words for a conservative blog after it reported about a possible challenge to Gov. John Kasich in the Republican primary.

Senate Leaders Look Ahead For 2014

File photo
13, 2014

Lawmakers are back for the second year of the legislature’s two year session. And while they passed nearly 60 bills last year, there are hundreds more bills that have been introduced.

A Libertarian Candidate Joining Race For Ohio Governor

Libertarian candidate Charlie Earl will announce his candidacy for Ohio governor in Tiffin.
19, 2013

The race for governor next year will get more crowded tonight when a libertarian candidate launches his campaign in Tiffin.

Ohio Democrats Gather In Columbus For Annual Dinner

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald is so far the only Ohio Democrat to form an exploratory committee for a possible run for governor in 2014.
18, 2013

Ohio Democrats had a big weekend as they started planning for big campaigns ahead next year. The Ohio Democratic Party’s annual statewide dinner began just hours after a possible contender declined to run in the 2014 governor’s race.

Billboards Reignite Debate Over ‘Right To Work’ Proposal

The union-funded billboards on State Route 315 near the Ohio State campus compare the right to work proposal to Soviet policies and say "Workplace Freedom Act Poisons Workers."
25, 2013

Some controversial billboards are reigniting the fight over outlawing mandatory union dues in Ohio.

Ohio Communities Struggling To Pay For Campaign Rallies

It's been an expensive campaign season for the candidates and communities hosting rallies.
29, 2012

Ohio has seen what seems like a never-ending stream of campaign visits. Just last week, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were together in Dayton, Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan rallied in North Canton, and all four candidates stumped separately throughout the state. Communities say the costs of protecting those candidates are adding up.

President Returns To Ohio

President Obama campaigned in Cincinnati in September, 2011.
16, 2012

President Obama will campaign in southwest Ohio on Monday. He’s expected to use the event to tout jobs saved by the U.S. auto bailout.

Ohio Mormon Roots Spotlighted As Romney Campaigns In State

Colulmbus Ohio Mormon Temple at 1935 Marblecliff Crossing Court
February 20, 2012

The Mormon religion is drawing a lot of attention because of the candidacy of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.