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Dems In Columbus Another Day To Assess Site For 2016 Convention

A Democratic team visits Columbus for a second day as it decides where to hold 2016 political convention.
August 7, 2014

State and local leaders plan to join Democratic planners to discuss Columbus’ bid to host the political party’s presidential convention in 2016.

Little-Known Tax Credit For Political Contributions

23, 2009

With December 31st looming, the clock is ticking for Ohioans to get a little-known tax credit this year, and it’s directly linked with giving contributions to politicians.

Ohio Voters Face New Round of Political Commercials

28, 2008

For the last few weeks, Ohioans have be deluged with TV commercials.

Political Parties Differ on What 2007 Election Says about 2008

7, 2007

Ohio Democrats and Republicans have different views of what, if anything, the results of Tuesday’s election suggest about the 2008 elections.

New Political Landscape in Ohio Legislature

10, 2006

This week’s election results will mean a new political landscape in the Ohio legislature.

Study Shows Little TV Coverage of Political Campaigns

12, 2006

The month after Labor Day is traditionally known as the kickoff of election campaign season, but a new study of commercial TV stations in Ohio and four other key midwest states shows little coverage of campaigns.

Local campaigns fight for limited TV ad space.

20, 2004

If you’ve watched any television lately, you’ve seen them – an endless stream of political ads. President Bush, John Kerry and other groups are buying up ad time by the truck load. But all the presidential ads are threatening to squeeze out local campaigns.