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State Attorney General Examines Police Use Of Force

Mike DeWine
11, 2014

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is exploring whether Ohio needs to change how it trains police in the use of force. A meeting is set for today in London, Ohio.

City Official Approves Of More Police-Community Relations

Community Relations Commission_Bell
Head of Columbus' Community Relations Commission supports the Governor's proposal for a task force to improve police/community relationships.
9, 2014

Governor John Kasich’s call for a new task force on community-police relations gets support from a Columbus office already working to bridge gaps between law enforcement officers and citizens.

Kasich Announces New Task Force On Community-Police Relations

John Kasich
Governor Kasich announces a new task force on community-police relations.
5, 2014

Ohio Governor John Kasich is outlining the goals he wants to achieve from a new task force on community-police relations. Kasich and several other state leaders are forming the task force to listen to Ohio’s communities.

Red-Light Camera Officer Requirement Clears Senate

keith faber
Police will be required to be present when tickets are generated by red-light cameras under a bill passed by the Ohio Senate.
19, 2014

A police officer’s presence would be required for tickets to be issued from red-light cameras around Ohio under a bill that’s cleared the Ohio Senate.

Father: Police Murdered My Son At Ohio Wal-Mart

John Crawford III's father accuses police of murdering his son.
25, 2014

The father of a man fatally shot by police at an Ohio Wal-Mart says he believes his son was murdered, despite a special grand jury declining to criminally charge the officers.

Crew Reconstructs Shooting Inside Ohio Wal-Mart

State authorities have completed their investigation into the shooting of John Crawford III by police inside a Beavercreek Walmart store in August. His family has called the shooting unjustified.
3, 2014

Ohio authorities have completed additional investigation at a Dayton-area Wal-Mart store where police fatally shot a man holding an air rifle.

Fewer Police Have Access To Facial Recognition Software

File photo
August 1, 2014

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office says fewer than 6,000 law-enforcement officers statewide now have access to facial-recognition technology that was kept from the public for months.

6 Cleveland Officers Plead Not Guilty In Chase Killings

Cleveland police shoulder patch
Six Cleveland police officers plead not guilty to charges involving two people killed after a chase.
June 13, 2014

Six Cleveland police officers charged in a November 2012 car chase that ended with 137 gunshots and the deaths of two unarmed people have pleaded not guilty.

Former Mansfield Cop Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography Charges

The 69-year-old Anderson was arrested Feb. 7 during a larger child porn sting.
3, 2014

A former Mansfield police officer has agreed to plead guilty to charges that he produced and received child pornography, and tried to prevent his computer from being seized.

2 Men Killed In Columbus Shooting

Columbus police are investigating a shooting that left 2 men dead.
29, 2014

Police in Columbus say two men were killed in a shooting at an apartment that appears to be drug-related.