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Ballot Board OKs Gay Marriage Proposal

The amendment is not related to a federal judge's recent decision ordering Ohio authorities to recognize the marriages of gay couples performed in other states.
22, 2014

The Ohio Ballot Board agreed Tuesday that the proposed “Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom Amendment” contains a single constitutional amendment, clearing the way for the effort to move on to the signature gathering phases.

Effort To Repeal Internet Cafe Crackdown Continues

Opponents of law banning internet cafes turn in signatures to block the law.
3, 2013

Opponents of an Ohio law that effectively bans storefront sweepstakes parlors says they have enough signatures to block the law from taking effect.

Signatures Questioned On City Council Reform Effort

Workers identified as Jon and Willis gather petition signatures at an Earth Day event in downtown Columbus.
10, 2012

Elections officials say the petition to move Columbus to a ward-based council system fell woefully short, with some pages not containing a single valid signature, hundreds of signatures not matching those on voter registration cards, and many signatures appearing to be in the same hand writing.

Group Wants Ohio Voters To Make State Law Supreme

May 13, 2010

If a conservative citizens groups gets it way, Ohio voters will face a ballot issue that proclaims the state constitution and state law are sovereign over federal laws. Ohio’s attorney general and elections officials have given the group the green light to try to collect 402,000 petition signatures to put the measure onto the ballot this November or next year. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.