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12th Congressional District Candidate Paula Brooks Gets Boost From Democratic Party

11, 2010

The national Democratic Party says it’s targeting the seat held by Ohio Representative Pat Tiberi in its new Red to Blue campaign.

OSU Prof: Voters Subject To ‘Permanent Campaign’

9, 2009

The 2010 congressional elections are a year away but the campaign in Central Ohio’s 12th district has already begun.

GOP Rep. Pat Tiberi: Bipartisan Agreement Exists on 80% of Health Care Reform

10, 2009

Central Ohio Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi sees more areas of agreement than disagreement between the GOP and Democrats over health care reform proposals.

Farm Bill Recieves Support from Religious Groups

10, 2007

Donations are down and food is running out at Ohio food banks. Religious and anti-hunger advocates are not just looking for canned donations, but also for some charitable action from the Senate. Religious groups have always weighed in on the food stamp program, but this time they are linking farm policies to poverty, nutrition and environmentalism. Senate Democrats are trying to bring the bill back to the floor this week.