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Farm Bill Recieves Support from Religious Groups

10, 2007

Donations are down and food is running out at Ohio food banks. Religious and anti-hunger advocates are not just looking for canned donations, but also for some charitable action from the Senate. Religious groups have always weighed in on the food stamp program, but this time they are linking farm policies to poverty, nutrition and environmentalism. Senate Democrats are trying to bring the bill back to the floor this week.

Lobby group questions fuel standard legislation

31, 2007

When congress returns to Washington next week it will face major budget decisions and debate the Iraq War. But, the elected leaders are also set to consider fuel economy standards that one lobby group says help determine what types of vehicles are available in auto showrooms.

Republican Congressman Works To Hold Onto 12th District Seat

2, 2006

The race for congress in Ohio’s 12th district features a three term incumbent with a challenger who wants to return to Capitol Hill after serving in the early 1980′s. The district includes eastern Franklin County, western Licking County and all of Delaware County. And candidates Pat Tiberi, republican incumbent and Bob Shamansky, democratic challenger have been criss-crossing the area during the last month in search of votes.