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Congresswoman Beatty Undecided On Syrian Military Strike

Democrat Joyce Beatty has not decided if she will support military force in Syria.
4, 2013

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty of Columbus said she is still undecided on how the U. S. should respond to allegations the Syrian government launched a deadly chemical attack.

Central Ohio GOP Congressman Weighs Budget Possibilities

Republican U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi gives remarks at Columbus gathering of federal and state low-income housing advocates. The seventh term congressman represents Columbus' eastern and northern suburbs.
March 18, 2013

U.S. Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi of Genoa Township Monday says there’s “an opportunity” for democrats and republicans on Capitol Hill to reach a budget compromise.

New Map Moves Mary Jo Kilroy To Pat Tiberi’s District

kilroy files
Former congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy of Columbus filed petitions for 3rd district race last week.
15, 2011

Mary Jo Kilroy’s plan to run for Congress in the new Franklin County district has been thrown a curve. The map approved Wednesday by Ohio lawmakers moves Kilroy’s Clintonville home into the 12th congressional district, a seat now held by long-time Congressman Pat Tiberi of Genoa Township.

How Should Congressional Districts Be Drawn?

Posted: September 14, 2011

Ohio lawmakers are set to approve a new congressional map for the state. Many criticize the map as creating too few competitive districts. Some argue the redistricting task should be taken away from lawmakers and put in the hands of judges. How should congressional districts be drawn?

Congressional Candidates Spar At Debate

30, 2010

Television campaign ads can get nasty. But when two candidates go head on at a debate the contempt for one another – or their politics – is much more palpable. At a special Columbus on the Record debate Friday night for the 12-th district U-S Congressional seat, candidates engaged in a fiery exchange of words.

12th Congressional District Candidate Paula Brooks Gets Boost From Democratic Party

11, 2010

The national Democratic Party says it’s targeting the seat held by Ohio Representative Pat Tiberi in its new Red to Blue campaign.

OSU Prof: Voters Subject To ‘Permanent Campaign’

9, 2009

The 2010 congressional elections are a year away but the campaign in Central Ohio’s 12th district has already begun.

GOP Rep. Pat Tiberi: Bipartisan Agreement Exists on 80% of Health Care Reform

10, 2009

Central Ohio Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi sees more areas of agreement than disagreement between the GOP and Democrats over health care reform proposals.

New TV ads criticize Tiberi on health care reform

23, 2009

As President Obama touted health care reform during an appearance in Cleveland THursday, some advocacy groups were launching attacks on Tiberi for opposing the plan.

12th Congressional District Candidates Tiberi, Robinson, Debate

24, 2008

The candidates for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District squared off for a debate at COSI Thursday night. Republican incumbent Pat Tiberi faced his Democratic challenger David Robinson in a one-hour exchange that included discussions about the economy, health care and social security.