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Franklin Co. Foreclosures Swell As Economy Stalls

22, 2009

WOSU begins a new series – Facing the Mortgage Crisis. Over the next several weeks we’ll report on how the mortgage crisis is affecting Central Ohio and let you know how you can seek help if you or your neighbor faces foreclosure. The first report examines the foreclosure process and the benefits of getting help early.

Huntington Bank And Columbus Housing Partnership To Help With The Foreclosure Crisis

29, 2009

Huntington Bank and Columbus Housing Partnership are coming together to help combat the foreclosure crisis in Central Ohio. WOSU’S Kim Fox reports, Huntington is devoting millions of dollars to the effort.

Columbus Housing Partnership Awaits Senate Vote On Mortgage Relief.

7, 2008

A pending Senate bill offers $300,000,000,000 in mortgage help to borrowers and lenders. The bill also allocates nearly $4,000,000,000 to rehabilitate homes in older neighborhoods. The Columbus Housing Partnership says it hopes to get some of that money.

Help for Homeowners Caught in ‘Mortgage Crisis’

14, 2008

The most recent figures on mortgage defaults and foreclosures in Ohio are alarming. Last October, for example, there were 17,000 filings, up 136 percent from the year before. That’s one filing for every 290 Ohio households. Now some homeowners are finding assistance from the non-profit Columbus Housing Partnership.