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Southside Residents Look for Improvements

29, 2010

When it comes to neighborhoods in Columbus, the South Side often is forgotten. Now neighbors and city planners are trying to change that. They are studying the areas needs and formulating a development plan for the future. Neighbors and city leaders will discuss the plan at a meeting tonight.

South-side residents hope health center can spark change

13, 2008

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman Thursday announced plans to rebuild the John Maloney South Side Health Center on Parsons Avenue. The move comes two years after officials closed and demolished the original facility because of structural damage. Neighborhood residents say need better access health care, and they welcome any sign of economic development.

Parsons Sentenced to Life without Parole for Officer Murder

8, 2006

After pleading guilty to the murder of Chillicothe police officer Larry Cox, John Parsons was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

Ross County Escapee John Parsons Recaptured

Ross County Sheriff Ronald Nichols announcing the arrest of accused killer John Parsons
October 19, 2006

A man accused of killing of a Chillicothe police officer is back in custody after escaping from the county jail nearly three months ago

Search for escapee continues

1, 2006

An escaped jail inmate charged with killing a police officer remains at large. Police say 35-year-old John Parsons has been running from police since he escaped the Ross County jail Saturday. Authorities admit the escape was the result of a security lapse, but they are not talking about security changes at the jail.

Columbus’ Union Cemetery Marks 200th Year

Union Cemetery Marks 200 Years
June 8, 2006

Columbus’ Union Cemetery marks its 200th anniversary June 11th with a variety of events. Union is one of the area’s oldest working cemeteries.