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Some Cities and One National Company Take Airm at Plastic Bags

9, 2008

Customers often have a decision to make at the grocery store check-out – “paper or plastic?”

Paper Changes for County Commissioners

19, 2008

Franklin County Commissioners want county employees to use less paper and use recycled paper. The board of commissioners plans to expand it’s 2006 county-wide environmental policy. Officials hope to inspire others to do the same.

Paper Ballot Convoy Assures No Slow-Down in Voting

March 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Number 2 has come and gone in Franklin County with minor problems reported at the polls. One had to do with the secretary of state’s order to provide paper ballots to voters who ask.

Paper ballots go largely unused

5, 2008

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner earlier this year issued a state-wide directive to counties, requiring them to have a supply of paper ballots on hand. The measure was announced shortly after a study found voting machines may be susceptible to tampering. Now one day after the Ohio primary, many counties are left with many of those ballots unused.

Brunner Leads Discussion About Voting Machines

14, 2008

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is meeting with elections officials and concerned voters in the near future to discuss her recommended changes to the voting process in November.