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Some People Disappointed After Palin Booksigning Lowered To Only 500

20, 2009

Former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is expected to autograph copies of her book tonight at the Borders on Sawmill Road. Hundreds lined up for hours hoping to get a wristband for the event. WOSU reports the book signing, even it got underway, was not without some controversy.

Democrats, Republicans Pursuing Ground Game

3, 2008

In politics, as in football, a good ground game can provide a winning margin:

“If you take it to em, if you don’t make mistakes, and you keep takin’ it to em, hell, there’s no question who’ll win.”

Coach Woody Hayes built an OSU football dynasty on the ground game. Now presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are using aggressive ground games to get their supporters to the polls on November 4th.

GOP White House hopefuls visit Columbus; Crowd goes wild in support

John McCain speaks at the gymnasium on the Capital University campus in Bexley. He is flanked by Gov. Sarah Palin and his wife, Cindy.
September 29, 2008

GOP presidential candidate John McCain and vice presidential running mate Governor Sarah Palin visited Columbus for a rally at Capital University in Bexley. This was Palin’s first time she has stopped in Columbus. The campaign says 9,000 people attended.