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Ney Connection, Bankruptcy May Be Factors in Ohio’s 18th Congressional District Race

6, 2006

The Republican candidate for Ohio’s 18th congressional district says Representative Bob Ney’s resignation from the U.S. House of Representatives last Friday was “seven weeks too late.” State Senator Joy Padgett is Ney’s chosen successor. But in the last few weeks, the campaign of her Democratic opponent Zack Space has, according to polling numbers, pulled ahead.

“Sore Loser” law may prevent Padgett from seeking Ney’s seat

Joy Padgett
August 8, 2006

There is some question this afternoon as to whether state senator Joy Padgett can run for bob Ney’s congressional seat.

Blackwell selects running mate for Governor’s office

6, 2006

The Republican gubernatorial candidate bases his selection on shared vision of job creation, economic growth and fiscal restraint

Petro selects running mate with eye to November race

30, 2006

Attorney General Jim Petro is praising the experience of his newly chosen running mate in his campaign for governor.