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Ohio Injecting More “Fracking” Waste Into The Ground

The early stages of a waste water well being drilled in Mahoning County.
1, 2013

The amount of waste from the shale gas and oil drilling process injected into disposal wells in Ohio is continuing to rise.

Top Statehouse Dem. Follows Kasich On Drilling tax

State Rep.Bob Hagan (D-Youngstown) is proposing a seven percent severance tax for oil and drilling companies operating in Ohio. Gov. Kasich has proposed a four percent tax.
20, 2013

A few months after Gov. John Kasich proposed a tax on oil and natural gas drillers, a Democratic lawmaker has done the same thing.

Drilling Boom Tests Infrastructure Of Rural Communities

Pipeline project underway in Southern Columbiana County.
4, 2013

The arrival of the oil and gas industry in rural, eastern Ohio has brought millions of dollars in leasing money for landowners, a flurry of business activity, and a tax boost for counties. But carving out room – and roads – to accommodate energy giants like Chesapeake is not without its challenges.

Fracking Waste Company Appeals To Have Permits Reinstated

photo (1)
The Ohio Oil and Gas Commission hearing testimony Wednesday on an appeal by D & L Energy.
23, 2013

An Ohio injection well operator run by a man accused of illegally dumping fracking wastewater into a storm sewer is asking a state panel to overturn an order revoking its operating permit.

Ohio Gas Prices Leap Nearly 30 Cents In One Week

The statewide average price for gasoline is about 26 cents higher than this time last month, and 16 cents higher than at the same time in 2012.
20, 2013

A gallon of regular gas in Ohio was listed at an average of about $3.84 in Monday’s survey from auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express. That’s up 27 cents from last Monday’s average.

Oil Companies Pulling Out As Tax Debate Rages On

fracking well
Four large drilling companies are selling off thousands of acres in Eastern Ohio.
26, 2013

Four large oil and natural gas companies are selling off thousands of acres in Eastern Ohio, but that’s not stopping the debate over increasing Ohio’s severance tax on drillers.

Push For Increased Monitoring Of Radioactive Waste In Landfills

Recently, Governor Kasich included a provision in his budget bill that will require gas drillers to test their solid waste for radiation before it gets shipped off to landfills.
4, 2013

The natural gas drilling technique known as fracking has been vilified for the millions of gallons of fresh water it uses, and the amount of waste water it produces. But drilling also generates leftover dirt, rocks, and mud that gets trucked off to landfills.

Fracking Pact Leaves Ohio Environmentalists Skeptical

One of the many natural gas pumps that have sprung up around Ohio in recent years.
29, 2013

Some environmentalists, drilling companies, philanthropic groups, and others are touting a compromise on the drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” But some major Ohio environmental groups are unconvinced.

Environmentalists Push To Ban Ohio’s Monitoring Of Storage Wells

The early stages of a waste water well being drilled in Mahoning County.
18, 2013

A coalition of environmental and community groups is asking federal regulators to suspend Ohio’s authority to monitor wells that store drilling waste water.

Texas Company Will Not Frack At “The Wilds”

Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum obtained mineral rights to The Wilds in 2011.
14, 2013

The drilling company that holds the mineral rights to The Wilds animal preserve near Zanesville says it won’t do any deep-shale drilling on the property.