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Ohio House: No New Tests To Decide Which Students Move On

The bill also prohibits using the results of new state math and English assessments to make course credit decisions.
12, 2015

The Ohio House has unanimously passed a bill that bars schools from using the results of new proficiency tests being rolled out this school year to determine a student’s advancement to the next grade level.

State Health Officials Defend Proposed Medicaid Premium

State Medicaid Director John McCarthy told lawmakers on the House Finance Committee that requiring a small monthly payment is an important for people who will eventually make enough money to start buying insurance from the federal marketplace or exchange.
February 12, 2015

Gov. John Kasich and the director of Ohio’s Medicaid program want enrollees making more than the federal poverty level to pay a $20 monthly premium.

Pot Legalization Plan Would Bring Grow Site To Franklin County

ResponsibleOhio spokesman Chris Stock says the plan includes regulations on marijuana growth, sales and use in Ohio.
February 10, 2015

The group behind a proposed marijuana legalization amendment has released more details about its plan, including where the regulated pot would be grown.

Education Leaders Question Governor’s School Funding Proposal

Ohio Gov. John Kasich say his administration wants to send more money to lower-income school districts.
9, 2015

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he wants to increase funding to lower-income schools and cut funding to more-affluent districts, but some education leaders say that’s now how his proposal necessarily plays out.

Ohio Has Lowest Vaccine Rate In The Nation

Ohio is tied with Colorado and West Virginia for the nation's lowest rate of vaccinating residents against measles.
February 5, 2015

The Centers for Disease Control reports Ohio has the lowest rate of vaccinating children against measles in the country.

Ohio Reports More Measles Cases Among States In 2014

Ohio reports more measles cases in 2014 than any other state.
February 4, 2015

Federal officials say Ohio had more than 300 reported measles cases last year – more than any other state.

Statehouse Republicans Skeptical Of Kasich’s Tax Cut

Kasich wants to cut nearly all income taxes for small business owners, but Republican leaders in the Statehouse worry the plan wouldn't be a tax cut, but only a tax shift.
January 30, 2015

Gov. John Kasich is hinting at some proposals he’ll include in his upcoming budget, including what he calls a tax cut. But some state lawmakers are skeptical.

Wanted Treasure Hunter Tommy Thompson Arrested In Florida

Thompson made history in 1988 when he found what's been described as the greatest lost treasure in American history, the sunken SS Central America. Investors who gave him millions of dollars were never paid back.
January 28, 2015

Tommy Thompson, the former Columbus resident who made history when he found what’s been described as the greatest lost treasure in American history, has been arrested in Florida.

Abortion Limits To Go Before State Lawmakers

File photo
28, 2015

In the coming weeks, state lawmakers are expected to take up two proposals to limit abortions in Ohio.

Reputed Gang Leader Reportedly Killed By Police

Authorities have sought Fletcher since late 2013, when he and 21 others were indicted on several federal drug charges.
January 27, 2015

Jermonte Fletcher, one of the reported leaders of the notorious Short North Posse gang, has been the subject of a massive manhunt for more than a year since he and 21 others were charged with multiple drug offenses.