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Condemned Ohio Killer’s Death Sentence Upheld

gregory osie
A divided Ohio Supreme Court Thursday upheld the death penalty for Gregory Osie in a case involving murder to eliminate a witness.
July 10, 2014

A divided Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence of a man who fatally stabbed his girlfriend’s business partner in an argument over a forged check.

Ohio Supreme Court Asked To Weigh ‘Speculative’ Terrorist Threat

Ohio Supreme Court justices are being asked to decide whether 'speculative' thoughts constitute a terrorist threat.
26, 2014

Threats in the workplace, in schools, and in public places are taken very seriously, and those who make them face serious criminal penalties. But one man in prison is appealing to the Ohio Supreme Court, saying he was unfairly convicted of violating the state’s terrorist threat law.

Ohio Justices: Payday Loans Legal Despite 2008 Law

Scales of Justice
The Ohio Supreme Court ruled Wednesday the state's mortgage laws allowed an Ohio payday lender to charge an Elyria man 235-percent interest rate on a short term loan.
11, 2014

In a victory for payday lenders, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a two-week loan to an Elyria man that imposed more than 235-percent interest is not prohibited under Ohio’s mortgage lending laws.

Traffic Camera Case Focusing On Power Limits

keith faber
The Ohio Supreme Court will hear arguments on Wednesday about the future of red light camera in Ohio.
10, 2014

While debate over traffic cameras usually centers on whether they are aimed at increasing safety or at increasing revenues, arguments before the Ohio Supreme Court on Wednesday will focus on whether cities are overstepping their powers.

Ohio Supreme Court Reschedules Executions of Two Condemned Killers

File photo
May 30, 2014

A Columbus federal judge had postponed the execution of Ronald Phillips and William Montgomery to allowe debate over the state’s new lethal injection procedures.

Attorney On Threats Made To Kasich: “They Won’t Tell Us Anything”

The Ohio Department of Public Safety argues any records on threats made against the governor fall under a public records exemption for security records.
27, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court this morning heard arguments over a refused public records request for records on threats made against Gov. John Kasich.

Ohio High Court Likely To Hear Warrantless GPS Tracking Case

Photo: Flickr
18, 2014

Whether police had the right to use GPS monitoring to catch a pair of Central Ohio home invasion suspects is going to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Report Includes Restrictions On Ohio Death Penalty

Scales of Justice
The panel that spent more than two years studying changes to Ohio's death penalty law proposes that capital charges require biological or DNA evidence or a videotaped confession.
10, 2014

Prosecutors would need much stronger evidence against a murder defendant before bringing death penalty charges under recommendations proposed by a statewide capital punishment review committee.

Prosecutor: Report Would End Ohio Death Penalty

Ron O'Brien
Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says recommendations proposed by a statewide capital punishment review committee would end the death penalty in Ohio if put in place.
April 10, 2014

A veteran prosecutor is criticizing recommendations proposed by a statewide capital punishment review committee, saying many of them would end the death penalty in Ohio if put in place.

Ohio Supreme Court Denies Libertarian Ballot Access

Ohio Voting Sticker
Ohio's top court has denied a libertarian party candidate access to the May 6th primary ballot
April 3, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court has denied a request from a Libertarian candidate who was seeking to force the state’s elections chief to place his name on primary ballots.