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Report Includes Restrictions On Ohio Death Penalty

Scales of Justice
The panel that spent more than two years studying changes to Ohio's death penalty law proposes that capital charges require biological or DNA evidence or a videotaped confession.
10, 2014

Prosecutors would need much stronger evidence against a murder defendant before bringing death penalty charges under recommendations proposed by a statewide capital punishment review committee.

Prosecutor: Report Would End Ohio Death Penalty

Ron O'Brien
Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says recommendations proposed by a statewide capital punishment review committee would end the death penalty in Ohio if put in place.
April 10, 2014

A veteran prosecutor is criticizing recommendations proposed by a statewide capital punishment review committee, saying many of them would end the death penalty in Ohio if put in place.

Ohio Supreme Court Denies Libertarian Ballot Access

Ohio Voting Sticker
Ohio's top court has denied a libertarian party candidate access to the May 6th primary ballot
April 3, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court has denied a request from a Libertarian candidate who was seeking to force the state’s elections chief to place his name on primary ballots.

Ohio Court Grants Stay For Ex-Cop Who Was Freed

The Ohio Supreme Court has blocked a lower court ruling that would have sent a former Akron police officer back to prison for his wife's murder.
March 20, 2014

Ohio’s highest court is temporarily blocking a ruling that says a former police captain should have been kept in prison even after his conviction in his ex-wife’s killing was overturned.

JobsOhio Touts Job Creation Numbers In Annual Report

The report from JobsOhio says it helped create 17,857 jobs in 2013. That's down from 21,099 in 2012.
4, 2014

The state’s private job creation corporation says it helped created nearly 18,000 jobs last year.

Ohio Supreme Court Considers Oil Drilling Case

Justice Paul Pfeifer asked pointed questions in oil drilling dispute.
February 26, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court is considering a case that could affect oil and natural gas drilling in Ohio and other states. An Akron suburb is trying to stop drilling on private property by a state-permitted well.

Energy Company Argues State Law Supersedes Local Drilling Rules

Pro- and anti-drilling forces believe the case could set a national legal precedent on local laws restricting drilling, particularly hydraulic fracturing.
26, 2014

Beck Energy Corp. is accused of violating 11 local ordinances when it drilled a well near Akron. But the company says they stayed within state law, which should trump any local ordinances.

Justices Say Landlords Are Responsible For Guests’ Safety

Previously, the 9th District Court of Appeals in Akron found that a landlord's responsibilities didn't extend to guests.
12, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court has found that landlords must provide a safe environment to guests of their tenants. That conflicts with an earlier appeals court ruling.

Ohio High Court Won’t Hear Septic Tank Body Case

The Ohio Supreme Court has declined to an appeal in the case of William Inman II. The body of his wife, Summer, was found in a septic tank.
January 23, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court has declined to consider an appeal by a man convicted of killing his estranged wife, who was found strangled in a septic tank.

Ohio Supreme Court Decides Two Major Cases In 2013

The Ohio Supreme Court in 2013 ruled on cases involving Medicaid and education.
December 27, 2013

Ohio Supreme Court justices decided two major cases in 2013. The cases highlight the year in the judicial branch of Ohio government.
One of the biggest rulings came two and a half weeks before the end of the year – the decision that upheld Medicaid expansion.