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Report: Columbus Police Erred In Handling OSU Celebration

Police supervisors' reports were reviewed by Deputy Chief Thomas Quinlan, who says pepper spray was an appropriate response to the unruly crowd.
March 6, 2015

A Columbus Police deputy chief says officers could have done a better job handling rowdy crowds after the Ohio State football team won the national championship.

OSU To Require Nearly All Freshmen To Be Fully Vaccinated

OSU says beginning in the fall, the school will require nearly all incoming freshmen to be fully vaccinated.
5, 2015

OSU says beginning in the fall, all first-year students who attend at least half-time with one on-campus course will have to be fully vaccinated.

Havlicek Used “Meticulous” Preparation To Reach Greatness

Havlicek was a great college player, but often overshadowed by OSU teammate Jerry Lucas, one of the most highly-recruited players in American high school basketball history.
February 20, 2015

Ohio native John Havlicek starred for Ohio State as the school made three straight national title game appearance in the 1960s. He’s being recognized for those accomplishments as he enters the National College Basketball Hall of Fame.

OSU Issues Ebola Reporting Procedures

Doctors work in West Africa to combat the deadly Ebola outbreak.
31, 2014

Ohio State University issued Ebola reporting guidelines for staff and students today.

Candidate For Ohio House Takes Issue With OSU’s ‘Sophomore Rule’

Yard sign for Ohio House candidate urges repeal of OSU's rule requiring all sophomores to live in campus dorms.
October 23, 2014

Usually when candidates target college students they focus on issues like rising tuition or jobs after graduation. But one candidate for the Ohio House is trying to win votes with a unique issue: OSU’s upcoming rule that all sophomores live in dorms.

OSU Makes Policy Changes To Meet Sexual Abuse Settlement

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The university provided its first quarterly update Wednesday to the U.S. Department of Education under a September settlement agreement. The pact ended a federal inquiry into the school's handling of sexual abuse cases.
October 16, 2014

The university provided its first quarterly update Wednesday to the U.S. Department of Education under a September settlement agreement. The pact ended a federal inquiry into the school’s handling of sexual abuse cases.

Researcher: Tax Phosphorous To Reduce Algae Threat In Lake Erie

Algae at Grand Lake St. Marys
Algae-saturated water at Grand Lake St. Marys in northwest Ohio
6, 2014

When a toxic algae bloom forced Toledo to shutdown its water supply for several days, state and local officials vowed a quick response. A state task force recommends cutting phosphorous run-off from fields and lawns by 40 percent. Among possible options, a new tax. Phosphorous and nitrogen are key ingredients for growing corn and other [...]

Reported Sexual Assaults Prompt OSU Safety Notice

Pearl Street
Pearl Street near 15th Avenue. Columbus Police say two week-end sexual assaults occurred about three blocks apart on Pearl
29, 2014

After three reported week-end sexual assaults, Ohio State University campus police issued a safety alert for students and staff. Campus and Columbus police say none of the three assaults appears to be linked to a single suspect.

Ohio State Agrees To Fix Title IX Compliance Problems

Ohio State said it is working to ensure its sexual harassment and assault policies are in line with Title IX laws.
11, 2014

The U.S. Department of Education said Ohio State University is taking steps to address issues with its sexual harassment policies. The Education Department found some of its procedures violated Title IX rules.

Alumni Band Members Push Trustees To Rehire Waters

Former band members play outside the OSU Board of Trustees meeting Friday morning.
29, 2014

About 100 former members of the Ohio State University Marching Band protested and played outside the OSU Board of Trustees’ meeting Friday.