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Red Light Camera Ban Clears House

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December 11, 2014

The Ohio House has joined the Senate in approving a bill to effectively ban red light cameras in Ohio. The Senate must now approve some minor House changes before it goes to the governor.

State Lawmakers Consider Bill To Help Doctors Fight Lawsuits

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December 3, 2014

The state Senate is expected to take up a measure next week that would allow doctors to acknowledge fault without the admission turning up in a malpractice lawsuit.

Senate Weighs Bill To Shield Execution Drugmaker

The Ohio Senate is weighing a measure to conceal the identities of drug companies that manufacture lethal drugs for executions.
2, 2014

The Ohio Senate is considering a bill that would shield the names of companies providing lethal injection drugs to the state for at least two decades.

Red-Light Camera Officer Requirement Clears Senate

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Police will be required to be present when tickets are generated by red-light cameras under a bill passed by the Ohio Senate.
19, 2014

A police officer’s presence would be required for tickets to be issued from red-light cameras around Ohio under a bill that’s cleared the Ohio Senate.

House, Senate Leaders Discuss Agency For Lame Duck Session

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10, 2014

Leaders in the Ohio General Assembly expect lawmakers to discuss bills dealing with redistricting, toxic algae blooms and execution drugs, and regulations on telephone companies and credit unions during the lame duck session.

Ohio Senate OKs Rerouted Teacher Evaluation Bill

The Ohio Senate cleared legislation that would reduce the number of state-mandated evaluations for well-rated teachers.
3, 2014

Legislation reducing the number of state-mandated evaluations required for well-rated public school teachers has again cleared the Ohio Senate.

Senators OK Bill On Allergy Shots In Ohio Schools

A bill making it easier for schools, camps and coaches to stock epinephrine shots used to counter allergic reactions has the Ohio Senate.
8, 2014

A bill making it easier for schools, camps and coaches to stock general-use supplies of epinephrine shots used to counter allergic reactions has cleared its second legislative chamber.

Ohio Senate OKs Deal Allowing Tesla To Sell Cars

Tesla Model S.
1, 2014

The Ohio Senate has passed a bill that would let electric car maker Tesla Motors operate three dealerships in the state.

$2.4 Billion Capital Bill Clears Ohio Legislature

The Ohio Senate Tuesday passed a 2.4 billion dollar construction budget.
1, 2014

A nearly $2.4 billion state construction budget that funds an array of community, school and park projects has cleared the Ohio Legislature.

Ohio Senate Puts Own Mark On Calamity-Day Measure

Snow covered street in Hilliard, Ohio.
The Ohio Senate may tweak a House-passed plan to allow school districts to take four additional calamity days because of cold, snowy weather.
26, 2014

The Ohio Senate is expected to consider a proposal to let schools take up to four additional calamity days this year, if they first use their five contingency days.