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41 Years After Roe v. Wade, Abortion Debate Continues In Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health has ordered the Women’s Med Center near Cincinnati to close down, because the facility doesn’t have a transfer agreement with a hospital in case of complications with patients.
22, 2014

State health officials have ordered the closure of a Cincinnati abortion clinic because it doesn’t comply with a new state law requiring agreements with hospitals.

New Abortion Law Forces Some Women To Seek Clinics Hours Away

Abortion Clinic
The Center for Choice, one of two Toledo abortion clinics, closed this spring. Four other clinics currently face closure due to a new state law which requires the facilities to contract patient transfers to private hospitals instead of public hospitals.
14, 2013

Ohio is feeling the effect of the latest fight in the abortion debate. Having failed to overturn Roe v. Wade, abortion opponents have pushed for increased regulations on clinics, forcing some to close. Several in Ohio have closed this year. WOSU has a more on the impact of a new state law which has made it difficult for some clinics to remain open.

Pro-Choice Advocates Say They’re Undeterred By Budget

Pro-choice activists with NARAL Ohio have clashed with members of Ohio Right to Life over several budget provisions meant to reduce abortions.
July 2, 2013

Ohio’s budget was a big victory for Ohio Right to Life, as five bills it supported were attached to the state’s new two year fiscal plan. But NARAL Pro Choice Ohio says the fight isn’t over.

Democrats Back “Pro-Life” Gun Proposal

The proposal would commission a study on gun-related injuries, and require gun vendors to give a copy of the study to all gun buyers.
27, 2013

Two Democratic state representatives are proposing a bill they call tongue-in-cheek criticism of recent Republican-backed provisions on abortion.

Abortion Proposal Draws Ire Of Ohio Doctors

The latest abortion bill has the support of many Statehouse Republicans. It's one of four current proposals aimed at curbing abortions.
20, 2013

Doctors testifying before state lawmakers Wednesday said the proposed restrictions on abortion would endanger women, drive up malpractice insurance, and push some doctors to leave the state.

Abortion In The State Budget

The Ohio House version has already passed a budget for the two-year period beginning July 1. It would need to be reconciled with the Senate version before moving on to the governor for his signature.
June 6, 2013

Buried in the Senate version of the budget are many things that seemingly have nothing to do with state spending, many of them related to abortion.

Report From Pro-Choice Group Criticizes ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’

NARAL Ohio is touting a new study they say shows "crisis pregnancy centers" give women misleading information and use scare tactics to prevent them from seeking abortions.
March 6, 2013

There are more than 140 centers throughout Ohio that offer services to help women who are dealing with unintended pregnancies. Advocates for abortion rights say these centers offer sound suspect medical services, and say they have a study that proves it.

The Future Of Abortion In Ohio

Pro-choice activists with NARAL Ohio have clashed with members of Ohio Right to Life over the "Heartbeat Bill," which would install some of the nation's strictest limitations on abortion. The measure has so far failed to clear the legislature.
January 23, 2013

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the Roe –vs- Wade ruling by the U. S. Supreme Court. And ever since that decision that allows legal abortion in the first trimester, groups opposing abortion have been slowly chipping away at it. What does the future hold for Ohio’s abortion laws?

Clock Is Ticking For “Heartbeat Bill”

Pro-choice activists with NARAL Ohio have clashed with members of Ohio Right to Life over the "Heartbeat Bill," which would install some of the nation's strictest limitations on abortion.
June 14, 2012

The Ohio bill that would ban a woman from having an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected passed the Ohio House almost a year ago, but it hasn’t come up in the Senate. If it’s not passed by the end of the year, supporters have to restart the entire legislative process.

Proposed Planned Parenthood Funding Cut Pulled From Budget Bill

Ohio Right to Life / Planned Parenthood
April 25, 2012

Members of an Ohio House committee considering a mid year budget adjustment have stripped out a controversial part that would have cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood in Ohio. Members of Ohio’s largest anti-abortion group were disappointed, but not discouraged.