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Bill Would Force Ohio Cities To Balance Budgets

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15, 2013

A new bill at the Statehouse would mandate cities and townships to balance their budgets and maintain fully- funded municipal pension plans.

Ohio Senate Crunches School Funds Numbers

Inside My Classroom
A funding bill for elementary and secondary schools moves through the legislature.
31, 2013

Ohio Senators are calling their new budget plan “a work in progress” but they are touting it as a major improvement in funding for Ohio’s public schools.

Medicaid Backers Call On Ohio Legislature To Act

Advocates of expanding Medicaid to include more poor people want Ohio lawmakers to act on the measure before the end of June.
20, 2013

Advocates for extending the Medicaid program to cover more low-income Ohioans are holding events statewide in an effort to keep the issue before state lawmakers.

Ohio Leaders Greet Right-To-Work Bills With Caution

rtw rally pic
Union supporters protest "Right-to-Work" bills introduced Wednesday at the statehouse.
1, 2013

Two bills stripping Ohio unions of the ability to compel membership and automatically collect dues face an uncertain fate at the Ohio Statehouse.

Legislature Expected To Move On Internet Cafe Reform

State lawmakers want to put more regulation on internet cafes, or sweepstakes cafes, like this one on Alum Creek Drive. Cafe operators say they pay sales tax and the industry employs thousands of workers.
5, 2012

There appears to be movement in the Ohio legislature on a bill to effectively shut down hundreds of storefronts that advertise themselves as internet cafes or sweepstakes cafes.

New Legislation Would Give Ohio Schools More Flexibility

New legislation headed to the Ohio Senate would allow school districts more flexibility in scheduling class time
29, 2012

Sponsors say a bill passed by the Ohio House would give school districts more flexibility in making up snow days and other lost time.

Ohio Elections Chief Urges Bipartisan Talks On Law

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted wants state lawmakers to delay any election reforms.
8, 2012

But Secretary of State Jon Husted says legislative leaders shouldn’t act on any changes to the swing state’s election rules until next year.

A New Ohio School Football Season Begins With Safety In Mind

Bexley Lions 2011 Football team
The 2011 Bexley Football Lions team picture.
22, 2012

Ohio lawmakers are considering a bill requiring young football players and other athletes to be pulled from competition after suffering a head injury.

Ohio Tea Party Groups Oppose Governor’s Tax Plan

Ohio Tea Party groups oppose GOP governor's tax proposal.
19, 2012

A coalition of tea party groups in Ohio is calling a tax proposal by the state’s Republican governor “unnecessary and unwise.”

Gun Control Group Criticizes Ohio Lawmaker’s Event

Rep Margaret Conditt -2011
State Rep. Margaret Conditt faces criticism for fundraiser at shooting range.
2, 2012

Ohio legislators hold fund-raisers all the time, but one of them has scheduled an event with an unusual theme. It’s offering attendees the opportunity to shoot guns. Gun control activists are outraged. They say the event symbolizes an Ohio that’s let backers of gun owner rights run rampant.