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House Committee Begins Hearings On Common Core Repeal Bill

This bill is before the Rules Committee, not the Education Committee, where Republican chair Gerald Stebelton of Lancaster halted a similar measure last fall.
18, 2014

Hearings are scheduled to begin today on a controversial second attempt to repeal the Common Core public education standards now being phased in in Ohio.

Ohio Drilling Tax Hike Clears Panel; House To Vote

An Ohio House committee has approved a 2.5 percent tax hike on oil and gas drillers in Ohio.
13, 2014

A state House committee has narrowly approved legislation raising Ohio’s tax on oil and gas drilling despite objections from Democrats and anti-tax Republicans.

$2.4 billion Construction Budget Clears Ohio House

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The Ohio House today passed a $2.4 billion dollar construction budget to fund a host of projects around the state.
26, 2014

The Ohio House has passed a nearly $2.4 billion state construction budget that funds a host of community, school, park and prison projects.

Long-time Lawmaker Removes Name From Ballot Over Filing Mistake

Damschroder was expected to win again in this year's election with no other candidates running against him.
February 17, 2014

State Rep. Rex Damschroder of Fremont in northwestern Ohio took his name off the ballot last week after discovering that he failed to sign his declaration of candidacy the required number of times.

OH Senate OKs Effort To Renew Public Works Program

State senators have passed a resolution to renew a public works program that funds infrastructure improvement projects. The measure now goes to the House. It could be on the May ballot.
14, 2014

State senators have passed a resolution to renew a public works program that funds improvements to Ohio roads, bridges and other local infrastructure needs.

“Stand Your Ground” Passes House Despite Debate And Protests

Protesters chanted and hung a banner that was quickly torn down by security.
21, 2013

A measure that’s called Ohio’s version of “stand your ground” has passed the Ohio House, after two hours of passionate arguments and a mid-debate protest.

Ohio Business Coalition Leader Defends Common Core

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An Ohio business group wants the Ohio House education chairman to kill a proposal to block implementation of education curricula known as the Common Core.
9, 2013

An influential business group is asking the Ohio House education chairman to kill or sideline a proposal to block implementation of multi-state learning standards known as the Common Core.

GOP Lawmaker Wants Changes For Ballot Access

A GOP state lawmaker wants to change the rules for ballot access in time for the 2014 statewide elections.
24, 2013

A Republican Senator wants new rules for minor party candidates that would take effect for next year’s big statewide elections. But one of the parties that would be affected says it’s a strategy to keep its candidates out of next year’s tough elections.

Batchelder Backs Off Resignation Comment

Batchelder (left) now says he only suggested Peter Peck resign.
August 28, 2013

The Speaker of the Ohio House is backpedaling on an apparent resignation request he sent last month to a Cincinnati-area representative after he was indicted.

Some Lawmakers Lament Policy In Budget

It’s not unusual for policy provisions that are not related to spending to be tucked into budgets, but some critics are saying this one has more than the usual share.
3, 2013

The new state budget is just a few days old, but it already has plenty of critics, including some of the lawmakers who voted on it. Many of their complaints have nothing to do with spending.