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State Lawmakers Pull “Religious Freedom” Bill

Ohio Reps. Bill Patmon (left) and Tim DIckerson recently held a press conference to announce the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. They now say they've pulled the bill from consideration.
February 27, 2014

The bill’s sponsors say their measure was intended to protect Ohioans’ ability to exercise their religious beliefs, but they’ve withdrawn it after comparisons to a hotly-debated bill in Arizona.

OH House Widens Pool Of 3rd-Grade Reading Teachers

Members of the Ohio House of Representatives have overwhelmingly approved a bill requiring all third graders to be proficient in reading before moving to fourth grade.
15, 2013

The Ohio House has unanimously approved a bill making more teachers eligible to participate in meeting Ohio’s new third-grade reading guarantee.

Democrat Kevin Boyce Appointed to 27th House District Seat

Kevin Boyce
Former Ohio State Treasurer Kevin Boyce is appointed to the 27th District House Seat.
May 8, 2012

Former State Treasurer Kevin Boyce has been appointed to an Ohio House seat. Boyce will replace Carlton Weddington in the 27th House District who resigned after being charged with bribery.

Should Lawmakers, Unions Cut Deal On SB5?

Posted: August 18, 2011

Republican leaders, including Governor John Kasich, now want to compromise on the state’s new public employee collective bargaining law. Should lawmakers and union leaders compromise and keep the divisive issue off the ballot?

Ohio Senate Approves Budget

Ohio Statehouse
Lawmakers have to pass a final budget by June 30th.
9, 2011

Negotiations between the Ohio House and Senate are the next step for state budget talks after the Senate approved its version last night.