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Scotts Fertilizer Officials Say Their Chemicals Are Safer

Scotts Miracle Gro Plant
Rachel Markin has a clear view of the Scotts Miracle Gro Plant from her front porch. Markin said she has seen fires at the plant.
18, 2013

Neighbors of the huge Scotts fertilizer plant in Marysville likely paid close attention to reports of the deadly Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

State Exotic Animal Facility All Set

One of three panthers rescued by the Zoo from a ranch in Zanesville. The facility that will house confiscated exotic animals opened Monday in Zanesville. It resulted from an Ohio law that requires owners to register some of their exotic pets.
February 25, 2013

The facility equipped to house exotic animals confiscated from owners who do not meet the new state requirements opened Monday.

Economy Proved To Be Ally For Ohio Farmland Preservation Efforts

Fairfield County farmer Joe Young (far right) talks to the group about the importance of saving the farmland. A small group of farmers and industry experts talk about farmland preservation at the 13th Annual Ohio Farmland Preservation Summit held at Ohio State University Thursday.
18, 2013

During the housing boom, subdivisions replaced soybeans and corn in many Central Ohio farm fields. Farmland preservation efforts grew as farmers fought against sprawl. Well, a lot has changed. Now agriculture is more profitable than housing. And as WOSU reports, farmers at the Ohio Farmland Preservation Summit have had to change course.

Hearing Set Over Quarantine of Ohio Exotic Animals

One of three leopards rescued by the Zoo from a ranch in Zanesville.
February 12, 2012

A hearing has been scheduled over Ohio’s quarantine order for five exotic animals kept at the Columbus Zoo since their escape in October.