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Columbus City Schools Launches Third Grade Reading Blitz

Reading Blitz Poster
Columbus City Schools launching Summer Reading Blitz
24, 2014

Columbus City Schools officials are going door-to-door this week. They’re urging the families of third graders who still have not passed the state’s third grade reading assessment test to enroll their students in summer school or other help sessions.

Ohio Students Buckle Down For Key Standardized Tests

Districts around the state are preparing to administer the assessments completely online.
6, 2014

Through May 16, schools around the state will be testing their students using the Ohio Achievement Assessment, also known as the OAA’s.

Many Ohio Third Graders Not Ready For Fourth Grade Says Test

School Books with Globes
School books with globes
11, 2013

The state’s education superintendent says a substantial number of third graders have failed Ohio’s reading test and are in jeopardy of being held back because they don’t meet state standards.