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State law causes confusion, backlog in county courts

24, 2008

Judges in at least four Ohio counties have raised questions about the constitutionality of changes to the state’s sex offender registration laws. At issue: whether offenders convicted prior to changes in the law can be punished retroactively.

New Ideas on Dealing With Sex Offenders

9, 2008

Every few months, there’s a new proposal in the Ohio legislature to crack down on sex offenders who’ve already served their prison time. One idea is to require them to use special green license plates on their cars. Another idea is to force them to live in treatment centers. The latest idea is to make it a crime for them to be in schools.

Ohio Lawmakers Want Tougher Penalties for Repeat Offenders

20, 2007

Key lawmakers in the Republican majority have introduced a major bill designed to get tougher with repeat felons.

Teen sex offender registration bill

9, 2007

The Ohio legislature is considering a bill that would bring the state into compliance with the new federal Adam Walsh law. But advocates for Ohio’s youngest criminals warn lawmakers to be careful not to label some kids as sex offenders for life.

Ohio Senate agrees to proposal to not wipe out child sex offenders’ records

28, 2007

State senators have okayed a proposal that could stop Ohio criminals who have sexually attacked children from having their criminal records expunged. Click on the icon to hear the story.